The Equality Trust (TET) is the national charity that campaigns to reduce social and economic inequality in order to improve the quality of life in the UK.

We work to create a society in which structural inequalities are dismantled, so that everyone can live in dignity, with a good quality of life, able to reach their full potential. Using the evidence base, we will support building collective and individual social power to challenge, influence and change political, corporate and economic power to dismantle structural inequalities. We are at the forefront of debates to tackle structural inequalities as well as supporting local grassroots groups to bring about change in their areas.

Inequality in the UK is among the highest in the developed world. Evidence shows that this is bad for almost everyone. People in more equal societies live longer, have better mental and physical health and are more socially mobile. Community life is stronger where the income gap is narrower, children do better at school and they are more likely to achieve their potential. Rates of drug and alcohol addiction are lower. When inequality is reduced people trust each other more, there is less violence and rates of imprisonment are lower.

COVID-19 has emphasised the huge price society pays for high levels of inequality. If we want to build a better society, it is essential we take action to reduce the gap between rich and poor. The Equality Trust is working with others to build a social movement for change - through research, organising at grassroots level, amplifying voices less often heard through our communications and campaigning.

The organisation has been recognised as a Spark of Hope by The Elders (founded by Nelson Mandela), is the co-secretariat (with CPAG) of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Poverty, the UK convener of the global Fight Inequality Alliance, and the secretariat for the new Structural Inequalities Alliance.

If you are passionate about dismantling inequalities and working for social justice, then we want to hear from you!


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Image credit: Boris Burner