Executive Director, Equality Trust
Candidate information

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and our selection panel, I would first like to say thank you for your interest in this opportunity.

The fact that you are engaging with this job pack shows us that you share our vision, that the UK will be a society in which structural inequalities are dismantled, so that everyone can live in dignity, with a good quality of life, and able to reach their full potential.

COVID-19 laid bare deep chasms in society. How long we live for, our chances of good health, our experiences at school, in work, and at play are not evenly distributed across the population. We live in one of the most unequal countries of the developed world, and the ravages of a global pandemic has widened that inequality, pushing more and more into poverty and destitution. But we believe we and our society can do better. We know that inequality is not inevitable. We have seen that when you mobilise and empower people, you can see hope, action and change.

We are looking to appoint someone hungry for that change in society, and ready to take on the fight to dismantle structural inequality. It will be a challenge, and we need someone with a clear understanding of the fault lines of that challenge, be they political, organisational, or financial. Since The Equality Trust’s formation just over a decade ago, through our research, campaigns and thought leadership, the language of inequality has become more prominent in public, political and corporate arenas.

Our outgoing Executive Director championed embedding the narratives and practices needed to tackle inequality in the work of The Equality Trust and beyond. She led the organisation, working closely with a varied and growing team, to establish our credibility as a trusted authority on inequality and a voice on the solutions to tackle it. We are excited to appoint someone who can build on that success and deliver a strategy that helps us achieve our vision.

The Equality Trust is a wonderful place to work. You will have a supportive, enthusiastic Board behind you, and work closely with a dedicated and collaborative set of staff. This committed body of staff are keen to be part of a sustainable organisation at the centre of the social justice movement tackling structural inequality in the UK.

Beyond the staff, a strong network of supporters and local equality groups are key to building the momentum for The Equality Trust, and we look forward to meeting someone who can continue growing that supporter base. If you have the skills, vision and drive to push forward our agenda for change, we very much look forward to receiving your application.

We approach this recruitment with a real sense of excitement, and want to encourage anyone who thinks that they have the vision, drive, clarity and competence to run The Equality Trust to explore the opportunity presented here, and consider making an application.

We are looking for bold thinkers, who can work collaboratively and imaginatively with others to create a society we can all be proud of.






Dr Fran Darlington-Pollock
Chair of Board of Trustees


Image credit: Elainea Emmott